Coltene CanalPro CL2i Endomotor
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The Coltene Canalpro CL2i Is a Compact, Cordless Motor With a Built-In Apex Locator. It Can Be Used For Obtaining Apical Patency And Creating A Glide Path Using Rotary Instrumentation. The new cordless endodontic handpiece CanalPro CL2i has been ergonomically designed to provide a clear view and unobstructed access in all treatment situations. The clear LCD and the user-friendly, easy-to-clean keypad simplify day-to-day clinical work. The Handpiece Allows Subtle And Delicate Manipulation Of The File, Corresponding To The Movements Of An Experienced Dentist's Hand. Depending On The Load On The File, The Motor Alternates Between Forward And Reverse Rotation With Exceptional Sensitivity To Greatly Reduce The Chance Of Jamming Or File Breakage. It Is Also Superior In Its Ability To Follow The Shape Of Even Curved Canals To Reduce Ledges And Perforation.

Automatic Stop Safety Feature

The Coltene Canalpro CL2i Is Linked With The Apex Locator Function. This Feature Makes Endodontic Treatment Safer And More Efficient. The Position Of The File Tip Inside The Canal Is Shown In The Display, And The Motor Stops Or Reverses Rotation As Soon As The File Reaches The End Of The Working Length To Reduce The Chance Of Perforation. Also, The Auto Start And Stop Function Automatically Starts The Motor When The File Is Inserted Into The Canal And Stops It When It Is Removed.


  • Used primarily for mechanical root canal preparation with an integrated apex locator for endodontic treatment.

Features :

  • Optic Cordless and Light-weight handpiece
  • Integrated Apex Locator
  • Three modes: Endomotor mode, Apex Locator mode, Dual mode
  • In-built programs for HyFlex CM, HyFlex EDM, GenENDO
  • User choice programs
  • Forward Reverse Reciprocation program
  • Choice of changing the reciprocating angle
  • Intelligent unique Auto-Deceleration in the apical region
  • Two types of auto-reverse: Torque auto-reverse as well as an apex Setting auto-reverse
  • Real-Time Visual and Audio indication of the file location in the canal
  • Small head size and powerful LED
  • Large Battery Capacity
  • Gyroscopic rotation of the head
  • Quickly customizable for Right handed or Left handed operator
  • Torque and speed settings incorporated for almost all types of files in the market

Key Specifications :

  • Detachable: mini contra-angle, multi-angle
  • Torque: Up to 5.2 Ncm
  • RPM: Up to 600rpm

Multiple Reciprocation combinations available:

Forward Reciprocation

  • +150 -30
  • +210 -60
  • +270 -90

Reverse Reciprocation

  • +30 -150
  • +60 -210
  • +90 -27

Direction to use :


  • Ensure the device is charged or connected to a power source.
  • Attach the appropriate contra-angle to the handpiece if needed.

Selection of File:

  • Choose the appropriate endodontic file for the procedure.
  • Ensure the file is properly sterilized.

Power On:

  • Turn on the device using the power button.

Select Mode:

  • Choose the desired operating mode: Endomotor mode, Apex Locator mode, or Dual mode.

Insertion of File:

  • Insert the selected endodontic file into the canal.
  • The device may have an auto-start function when the file is inserted.

File Manipulation:

  • Manipulate the file using subtle and delicate movements, allowing the motor to alternate between forward and reverse rotation.

Monitor Display:

  • Monitor the LCD for real-time visual and audio indications of the file location in the canal.

Auto Stop Feature:

  • Take advantage of the auto-stop safety feature. The motor should stop or reverse rotation when the file reaches the end of the working length.

Reciprocation Settings:

  • Adjust reciprocation settings if needed, considering the type of file and the specific requirements of the procedure.

Switch to Apex Locator Mode:

  • If necessary, switch to the Apex Locator mode for precise measurement of the working length.

Monitor Apex Locator Display:

  • Observe the display to determine the position of the file tip inside the canal.

Auto-Reverse Features:

  • Utilize auto-reverse features, such as torque auto-reverse and apex setting auto-reverse, for enhanced safety.

Power Off:

  • Turn off the device after completing the procedure.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Clean and sterilize the handpiece and contra-angle according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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