Neoalgin- Alginate Impression Material
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Neoalgin is a high-precision alginate impression material for the detailed reproduction of dental impressions.


  • Color change pattern: Non-chromatic (no color change)
  • Sky blue color
  • Spearmint flavor for high acceptance
  • Dust-free formulation
  • Thixotropic
  • Normal working and setting time
  • Simple and fast mixing without bubbles
  • Suitable for manual or automatic mixing
  • Safe disinfection


  • Removable prosthesis
  • Study models
  • Temporary crown & bridge impression
  • Antagonist models in the fixed and removable prosthesis


  • Elastic impression
  • Optimum dimensional stability
  • High precision for detailed reproduction of dental anatomy

Key Specifications

  • Mixing Time 60 sec
  • Working Time 30 sec
  • Time in Mouth 60 sec
  • Total Working Time 2 min 30 sec

Instructions For Use

  • Prior to dispensing, shake the container to make the powder fluffy. Overfill the scoop with alginate powder, and remove excess powder from the rim using a dry spatula. Do not compress the powder. Transfer the powder to a dry mixing bowl.
  • Measure the exact amount of water using a measuring cup and add to the powder in a bowl. Mix well for a smooth consistency and load it on the selected tray.
  • Rinse the patient's mouth with water. Insert the tray in your mouth, position it properly, press it gently, and hold it till the setting takes place.
  • After setting release the tray and clean it under running water to remove any saliva or any other residue.
  • Pour the cast immediately for the best results. If pouring of the cast is delayed then wrap it in moist paper or cloth and keep it in a sealed plastic pouch. Do not store impressions under water.


  • After opening the pack, store the Neoalgin alginate powder in an airtight container. The container has to be stored at a temperature of 5-27 °C.
  • After every usage always close the container.
  • For dispensing Neoalgin alginate powder always use the dry scoop and a dry mixing bowl.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

Note: Warm water and hard water accelerates the setting time. Cold water retards the setting time.

Net Contents: One Packet

Net Qty.: 450gm

MRP (Incl of all taxes): ₹570

Price/gm: ₹1.2

Country of Origin: India
Manufactured by: Orikam Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.


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