Latex Examination Gloves - 100 pcs
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Latex Examination Gloves

Latex examination gloves are disposable gloves made from natural rubber latex. They are widely used in medical, healthcare, laboratory, and various industrial settings to provide a protective barrier for the hands. These gloves are known for their elasticity, tactile sensitivity, and snug fit, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.   Latex examination gloves are available in various sizes and are used to prevent cross-contamination, maintain sterile conditions, and ensure safety in a variety of professional settings.

Description: Infri Dental Velvet Examination Latex Gloves are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of dental professionals, offering a high-quality solution for infection control and tactile sensitivity. These latex gloves provide a comfortable and secure barrier during dental examinations and procedures, ensuring both practitioner and patient safety.

Key Features:

  1. Velvet-Like Texture for Enhanced Comfort: The gloves feature a velvet-like texture that enhances comfort during extended wear. This unique surface provides a soft and comfortable feel, reducing hand fatigue and promoting a positive experience for both the dental professional and the patient.

  2. High-Quality Latex Material: Crafted from high-quality latex material, these examination gloves offer superior elasticity and flexibility. The latex construction ensures a secure fit, allowing for precise and dexterous movements during dental procedures.

  3. Beaded Cuff for Easy Donning and Doffing: The gloves are designed with a beaded cuff that facilitates easy donning and doffing. This feature streamlines the glove application process, saving valuable time and ensuring a secure fit around the wrist.


  1. Comfortable Wear with Velvet-Like Texture: The velvet-like texture enhances the overall comfort of the gloves, promoting a positive experience for dental professionals. This feature is especially beneficial during lengthy dental procedures, minimizing hand discomfort.

  2. Superior Elasticity and Flexibility with Latex Material: The high-quality latex material provides superior elasticity and flexibility, allowing for precise movements and tactile sensitivity. Dental professionals can maintain control and perform delicate procedures with confidence.

  3. Efficient Application with Beaded Cuff: The beaded cuff design facilitates easy donning and doffing of the gloves, streamlining the glove application process. This efficiency is crucial in maintaining a hygienic environment during dental examinations and treatments.


  • Pack of 100 pcs by weight


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