Doctaid Airotor Handpiece - Standard (Push-Button Type)
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The Doctaid Dental High-Speed Handpiece is an advanced dental instrument meticulously designed for precision and performance. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, this handpiece offers dental professionals a reliable and efficient tool for a wide range of dental procedures.

Key Features and Benefits:

Precision Engineering for Smooth Operation: The handpiece is engineered with precision to deliver smooth and controlled operation. This allows for precise cutting and shaping during procedures, enhancing the overall quality of dental work.

Optimal Torque and Speed Settings: The handpiece offers adjustable torque and speed settings, allowing for customization based on the specific requirements of each procedure. This versatility enhances the practitioner's control and flexibility.

Reduced Noise and Vibration: The handpiece is designed with advanced noise-reduction technology, minimizing noise and vibration during operation. This enhances patient comfort and reduces potential anxiety associated with dental procedures.

Autoclavable for Sterilization: The handpiece is designed to be autoclavable, allowing for easy and effective sterilization between uses. This ensures the highest standards of infection control and patient safety.

Ergonomic Grip for Comfortable Handling: The handpiece features an ergonomic grip designed to fit comfortably in the practitioner's hand. This reduces hand fatigue during prolonged procedures, allowing for optimal performance.

Durable and Long-Lasting Construction: The handpiece is built with high-quality materials known for their durability and longevity. This ensures a reliable and long-lasting investment for the dental practice.

Compatible with Standard Couplings: The handpiece is designed to be compatible with standard couplings, allowing for seamless integration into existing dental setups. This ensures ease of use for practitioners.


Sleek and Modern Design: The handpiece boasts a sleek and modern design, adding a touch of sophistication to the dental operatory. It reflects a commitment to both form and function.

Backed by Quality Assurance: The Doctaid Dental brand is synonymous with quality and innovation in the dental industry. The High-Speed Airotor Handpiece upholds this reputation, providing practitioners with a reliable and trusted instrument.


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Doctaid Airotor Handpiece - Standard (Push-Button Type)
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